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Appetizers (An Choi)

An choi means “fun food” and are our specialty appetizers and small plates. All small plates are ideal for sharing!

Spring Rolls (4pcs $6 / 8pcs $10)
Crispy pork spring rolls served with vinaigrette and lettuce. Our Signature Dish!

Shrimp Spring Rolls (4pcs $10)
Our signature crispy pork spring rolls with shrimp.

Vegetable Spring Rolls (2pcs $5 / 4pcs $9)
Crispy vegetable & tofu spring rolls served with peanut sauce

Summer Rolls (2pcs $7)
2 rolls of rice noodles pork and shrimp rolled in rice paper and served with a peanut sauce.

Vegetable Summer Rolls (2pcs $7)
2 delicious rolls of rice noodles, tofu & vegetable rolled in a rice paper wrapper and served with peanut sauce.

Vietnamese Dumplings (4pcs $7) *Syosset only
A steamed Asian classic made with pork and paired with a ginger and scallion soy dipping. sauce.

Tan Binh Chicken Wings ($9)
Crispy fried chicken wings glazed with a sweet chili sauce inspired by Central Vietnam.


A bowl of pho is a beautiful marriage of meats or vegetables with onions and flat rice noodles in an wonderfully rich and aromatic broth. All soups accompanied by side plate of fresh bean sprouts, basil, lime, and chili.

(Regular = $12, X-Large = $15)

Pho Bo (Beef)
Rice noodle soup served w/ sliced beef, beef brisket, and meatballs.

Pho Ga (Chicken)
Rice noodle soup served with slices of chicken.

Pho Chay (Vegetable)
Rice noodle soup served with tofu & seasonal vegetables.

Pho Do Bien (Seafood)
Rice noodle soup served w/ shrimp, squid, and fish cakes.
(Regular = $14, X-Large = $18)

Hot Bowls (Bun/Com)

Served with fresh, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber over your choice of
rice noodles or white rice and served with house vinaigrette.

Grilled Beef Satay w/ peanut sauce $15
Tender angus beef grilled to perfection and served with Chef Bui’s signature peanut sauce

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken $11
All natural grilled lemongrass Chicken breast grilled

Grilled BBQ Chicken $11
Juicy, grilled seasoned chicken thighs w/ a Vietnamese barbeque marinade

Sautéed Tofu $12
Lightly fired tofu sautéed with diced tomato, cilantro, garlic and served w/ vegetable

Marianted Grilled Pork $14
Tender succulent marinated pork chop that is sliced and grilled

Grilled Angus Beef Short Ribs $17
A Rolling Spring Roll favorite! Sliced short ribs that are marinated and then grilled

Grilled Shrimp $19
Asian spices shrimp grilled and served while still tender

Grilled Salmon $19
A delicious salmon steak that is grilled and served with sautéed tomato, garlic, and cilantro and cilantro

Spring Roll Bowl $11
Our signature dish cut into pieces and served over noodles

Nem Nuong & Spring Rolls $14 *Syosset only
A traditional Vietnamese dish of cured grounded pork that is grilled & served with Spring rolls over noodles

Sandwhiches (Banh Mi)

All sandwiches are served on a toasted baguette with fresh herbs, cucumber,
pickled carrot and daikon.

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken $8
Lean chicken breast seasoned with a lemongrass marinade and grilled

Grilled Angus Beef Satay w/ peanut sauce $9
Tender angus beef grilled to perfection and served with Chef Bui’s signature peanut sauce

Grilled BBQ Chicken $8
Juicy chicken seasoned with a Vietnamese barbeque marinade and grilled

Classic (Roasted Pork belly, Cha (pork shoulder) & Pate) $8
Grilled pork belly, Cha (a Vietnamese cold cut) and a house special pate

Tofu(vegetarian) $8
Lightly fired tofu paired with bean sprouts and steam cauliflower/zucchini

House Specialties (Dac Biet)

Dac Biet are house specialties. Carefully prepared by Chef these dishes highlight the unique Vietnamese flavors and are sure to excite your taste buds.

Shaking Beef (Bo Luc Lac) $20
Inspired by the French, Bo Luc Lac (shaking beef) is so named for the way the pan is shaken while cooking. A favorite for steak lovers, this dish sautés well seasoned angus beef cubes with red onions over rice.

Pork and Shrimp Crepe (Banh Xeo) $15 *Syosset only
Literally named for the sizzling sound the batter makes when it is poured into the crepe pan, banh xeo is made of a rice flour batter and filled with a mix of bean sprout, onions, pork and shrimp. It is served with a variety of herbs and lettuce an paired with our vinaigrette.

Vegetarian Crepe (Bahn Xeo Chay) $15 *Syosset only
Our banh xeo prepared with additional mixed vegetables to replace the shrimp and pork.

Chao Tom & Nem Nuong $17 *Syosset only
From the Imperial city of Hue, located in central Vietnam comes Chao Tom. This dish takes a fragrant and well seasoned shrimp paste and ground pork, wraps it on sugar cane before gently frying it. This dish is paired w/nem nuong & served over noodles.


Che Chuoi (Bananas w/coconut milk & tapioca pearls) $5

Che Dau (Sweet beans w/coconut milk & tapioca pearls) $5


Hot & Cold Drinks

Cafe Du Monde Coffee $4
French Roast coffee served with condensed milk served iced or hot

Hot Tea $2
Japanese Green Tea or Lipton Black Tea

Fountain Soda $2
Cola, Diet Cola, Lemon-Up, Ginger Ale, Lemonade, Unsweetened Iced Tea, or Sweetened Lemon Iced Tea

Beer & Liquor

Glass/Pint = $7
*Varies by location and season. Ask your server for full alcohol list.

On Tap Special Edition - Rolling Spring Roll Beer (abv 4.7%)

On Tap - Founders All Day IPA (abv 4.7%)

Saigon (Vietnam, abv 4.9%)

Chang (Thailand, abv 5.0%)

Tiger (Malaysia, abv 5.0%)

Beerlao (Laos, abv 6.5%)

Red & White Wine

Glass = $9, Bottle = $35
*Varies by location and season. Ask your server for full alcohol list.


Sauvignon Blanc

Pinot Grigio


Cabernet Sauvignon


Pinot Noir